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Martin Lycka’s Safe Bet Show

Martin Lycka’s Safe Bet Show

Martin Lycka is the Senior Vice President for American Regulatory Affairs and Responsible Gambling at Entain, and has been at the forefront of responsible gambling projects and technology for over a decade. Now hosting the Safe Bet Show on SBC, Martin discusses the hot-button issues around player protection with a litany of high profile names.

With vast industry experience from his tenures at Entain, GVC and Paddy Power/Betfair, Martin is the perfect host for a player protection podcast, and drills down into tackling the industry-wide issue of problem gaming, by speaking to the leading lights of responsible gambling.

Episode 4

Episode 4 of Martin Lycka’s Safe Bet Show features one of Martin’s esteemed Entain colleagues, none other than Grainne Hurst! Grainne is Entain’s Director of Corporate Affairs, and works closely with Martin on Entain’s responsible gaming and player protection arm. 

Martin and Grainne discuss life as each other’s ‘corporate other half’ (emphasis on the corporate), bond over name-mispronunciation woes, and even give some thoughts and predictions on England (and the Czech Republic’s) chances at Euro 2020!

Of course the two also get into the hot topics of responsible gambling, Entain’s ‘Changing for the Better’ program, and the revolutionary ARC program (Advance Responsibilty & Care), both of which Grainne has played a huge part in. 

Grainne gives some insight and information on ARC’s personalised responsible gaming system, and how it can change the customer experience using algorithms and behaviour analytics. 

Episode 3

Martin’s guest for Episode 3 is Judge Cheryl Moss of the State of Nevada District Court and the Gambling Treatment Diversion Court. Judge Moss gives an absolutely fascinating interview with Martin about her career, how she got into law, the accelerated path she took to becoming a judge and how she ended up in Las Vegas. 

Judge Moss also gives an impassioned introduction to the Gambling Treatment Diversion Court, of which Judge Moss was the first Judge to preside over, explains to Martin the impact it could have and where it could go in the future (hint – not stopping with New Jersey!).

Episode 2

Episode 2 of Martin Lycka’s Safe Bet Show sees Martin in conversation with Brianne Doura-Schawohl, Vice President of US Policy and Strategic Development at EPIC Risk Management

Brianne is a real pioneer of responsible gaming in the US, and takes Martin through her time on the Massachusetts council for Gaming and Health, and her role in creating the formative responsible gaming policies in the country, as well as her work in tackling compulsive gambling in the military. 

Brianne tells Martin all about EPIC and her role, and gets into the differences between the UK and the US, on everything from the approach to responsible gaming, to the accents and definition of a brew!

Martin and Brianne also cover family, and get Brianne’s advice on how to juggle a successful career with your family life.

Episode 1

In the inaugural episode of the Safe Bet Show, Martin Lycka sits down with Alan Feldman (Distinguished Fellow, Responsible Gaming at UNLV International Center for Gaming Regulation) to discuss all things safer gambling.

Drawing upon his upbringing and relocation to Las Vegas, Feldman reflected on his parents’ concerns surrounding the betting industry and the preconception that casinos were both ‘greedy’ and ‘predatory’ entities. However, Feldman disclosed that once he started working within the industry, he noted a disjointedness between the public conversation about problem gambling and the discussions taking place within the casino walls which were more focused upon responsible play.

The discussion also touches upon the importance of peer-reviewed, scientific research in both identifying and treating problem gambling and how responsible gaming is becoming more and more important.

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