Parma unveils new partnership with the Custom Group

Expanding into football sponsorship, the Custom Group has unveiled a new sponsorship deal with historic Italian football club, Parma. 

The firm has also partnered with sports marketing agency Infront, a firm that manages a portfolio of international agencies and is specialises in sports sponsorships, event management, media rights distribution and production.

Already sponsoring MotoGP and volleyball with LCR Honda and Top Volley Latina respectively, the group is aiming to increase its brand visibility and establish a major dialogue with the geographical area and target audience.

“Communicating really means sharing and putting something in common with others,” said Alessandro Mastropasqua, Communication Manager of Custom S.p.A.

“For this reason, we chose specifically to start with Parma, the location of our headquarters, to present developed solutions throughout the world. The project began from a desire to create awareness among the wider public, as well as opinion leaders and operators in the sports industry, regarding the Group’s technology, which is right before everyone’s eyes.”

“We all encounter the Custom Group’s Italian technology very often in our daily lives, without realizing it: a receipt or ticket, at the coffee bar counter or supermarket checkout, when making an ATM withdrawal or feeding a parking space meter, a train ticket, gaming receipt or bill payment, a ticket for the cinema, theatre or museum, etc.

“The Custom Group is behind all these situations, providing hardware, software and service solutions. We also have over 10 years of expertise in sport, providing hardware solutions for ticketing management for events and international teams around the world.”

“The main purpose of these important sponsorships,” states Carlo Stradi, President of Custom S.p.A, “is to share and present the technological solutions that we provide for diverse but synergistic markets: therefore, it’s not just brand awareness, but a sharing of goals, feelings and values… Only in this way can you achieve success and create a new technological culture.

“We have begun a journey with Infront. Starting from the Parma sponsorship, we aim to present our technology and solutions already existing throughout the world, which are ready to bring added value also to the world of football”.

The format chosen for the sponsorship is based on pitch perimeter visibility and the presence of the Group’s guests at the stadium; pure exposure of the Custom brand in the first and second rows, together with the opportunity to present the products of our young consumer division, Custom Life, through LED perimeter displays.

The group’s hardware and software technology will also be a key feature in some sports venues, bringing a true “digital innovation” led by Infront, which is working on specific projects that have chosen Custom Group technology to catapult new technologies/services directly into Italian sports venues, following a trend already present and appreciated overseas.

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