BT Sport and Warner Bros Discovery (WBD) have announced that as part of their partnership, a new joint sports platform called ‘TNT Sports’ will launch in the UK this summer.  

Both companies stated that TNT will combine both services into a single streaming platform to pay homage to both BT Sport and Warner Bros-owned Eurosport by introducing an expanded range of services. 

Andrew Georgiou, President and Managing Director of WBD Sports Europe, said: “The new brand has to honour what BT Sport has built over the past ten years and what Eurosport has done for three decades.

“We don’t want to change that fundamental proposition and what it means to audiences – especially BT given it has content which appeals to a broader range of local consumers. The brand has to be flexible enough to apply to portfolios while also signifying change.

“BT Sport and Eurosport customers [in the UK] will be able to go to exactly the same places they go today to see the same content. 

“The channels will have the same electronic programming guide (EPG) numbers, and nothing changes from a content portfolio perspective. That will continue for a period of time, Eurosport will remain the brand that the Olympics is produced under.”

Perhaps not that known in the UK, TNT is currently a successful pay-TV channel in the US, as well as Latin America where it acts as the main brand for WBD’s sports properties. 

It is expected that TNT will replace Eurosport as a sports brand in the UK, having to be first discussed with affiliates like Sky and Virgin Media who include the programming into their offerings. 

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