The dramatic and heart wrenching story of Sunderland’s second successive relegation will hit the screens this week, as the eight part fly on the wall documentary debuts on Netflix.

The series, which heads to Netflix on Friday aims to capture the passion and unity within the whole city, in spite of the team’s continued catastrophic form on the pitch.

Filming for the duration of The Black Cats’ Championship campaign, the series combines the emotional rollercoaster endured by fans, with behind-the-scenes footage of the club’s desperate attempts to turn around their misfortunes.

Further affirming their commitment to truly depicting the complete impact that relegation has on a club, the documentary also details the story of everyone at the club, from the chefs to the ticket office staff.

Sunderland fans and  executive producers on Sunderland ‘Til I Die, Ben Turner and Leo Pearlman, emphasised to the Sunderland Echo: “It was an amazing opportunity and we are incredibly grateful to be able to do the one project we’ve dreamt of since we set up this company.

“If someone had said when we set up this company that 10 years later we’d be making an access-all-areas documentary series about Sunderland we’d never have believed them.

“We feel so proud of this series. We feel it captures the love of the club, and we hope the fans are proud of it too.”

It comes after the success of last year’s collaboration between Manchester City and Amazon, that saw the Premier League champions open their doors to the cameras and provided a greater insight into the way the the club is run.

Nonetheless, Sunderland and Netflix’s effort at a football documentary, is shaping up to be a far more engaging prospect, as the club endures a period of the utmost turbulence.

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