The English Premier League has confirmed that VAR replays will be shown on big screens at games, where available, next season in order to strengthen communication from officials to fans.

The announcement seeks to ease the transition of VAR into the English game, when next season it becomes fully integrated in the league and is utilised on each Premier League matchday

Issuing a statement, the league said: “The Premier League has created graphics which will be displayed on giant screens to explain any VAR-related delay to a match, and any overturned decision.

“Additionally, if the VAR believes there is a definitive video clip which helps explain an overturned decision, it will be broadcast on giant screens.

“Also, the Premier League is investigating the possibility of messages and video clips being viewed on handheld devices via an app.”

Nonetheless, at both Anfield and Old Trafford where video screens aren’t available, the league went onto outline that “VAR communications will be made via a combination of PA announcements and messages on scoreboards”.

VAR was rolled out in selected FA Cup and Carabao Cup ties, as well as the Champions League knockout games last season. It was also used during this week’s UEFA Nations League semi-finals, with Jesse Lingard’s late goal being disallowed following the extensive consultation of video referees.

The technology, which UEFA has said is here to stay, also featured heavily in Portugal’s clash with Switzerland when German official Felix Brych went from awarding Portugal a penalty before realising a previous foul meant that Switzerland should have had a penalty instead.

Speaking at this year’s Betting on Football Conference, Rory Campbell – CEO of C&N Sporting Risk – emphasised the lessons that can be learnt from the Bundesliga: “The reason the Bundesliga doesn’t come up as much in conversation, is because there’s less contentious decisions.”

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