Tomic fined by Wimbledon officials after dismal display against Tsonga

Infamous tennis ‘villain’ Bernard Tomic has been fined his full first-round earnings from his 58-minute defeat to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on Day 2 of this year’s Wimbledon Championships.

The fine of £45,000 has been imposed on the Australian player Tomic by Wimbledon tournament officials after he was deemed to have displayed a lack of effort during his 6-2, 6-1, 6-4 defeat to Tsonga.

It’s not the first time Tomic has found himself on the wrong side of the Grand Slam tournament’s authoritative body. Back in 2017, Tomic was fined £11,000 for claiming to be “bored” in his match with Mischa Zverev. His racquet sponsors at the time, Head, also dropped Tomic from their portfolio as a result of that incident.

Speaking to the media after this week’s match with Tsonga, Tomic denied putting in a lack of effort during the game, however, ironically, his denial also seriously lacked any real… effort.

The Championships’ statement on the incident and the fine was:

‘The Grand Slam Rule Book regarding First Round Performance states the following: “All players are expected to perform to a professional standard in every Grand Slam match. With respect to First Round Performance, if in the opinion of the Referee the player did not perform to the required professional standard, the Referee may determine that the player be subject to a fine of up to first-round prize money.”

‘It is the opinion of the Referee that the performance of Bernard Tomic in his first round match against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga did not meet the required professional standards, and therefore he has been fined the maximum amount of £45,000 which will be deducted from prize money. ‘The player will have the opportunity to appeal to the director, GSB.’

It was the shortest match at Wimbledon since 2004 when Roger Federer thrashed Colombian Alejandro Falla 6-1, 6-2, 6-0.

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