Colin Hord announced as Horserace Bettors Forum’s new chairman

The Horserace Bettors Forum (HBF) has named Colin Hord as its new Chairman, following the departure of Matt Bisogno.

Hord brings with him a wealth of experience from a high-level regulatory background, which will help him work on behalf of punters from a range of different backgrounds.

The HBF has outlined that there are ‘no plans  for sweeping changes to the good work of the forum led by previous Chairs Simon Rowlands and Matt Bisogno’ under Hord’s tenure as the new Chairman for the Forum.

As part of his new role, Hord will be in charge of the Annual HBF Survey, which ‘is seen as the overall driving force as each year the HBF learn the punter’s likes and dislikes.’

Hord will also provide input into the survey as the committee continues to ‘liaise with racing’s powers to refine a better product for those at the track, in the bookmakers, or on line.’

Recent HBF successes have included the publication of wind-operations, leading the charge for a clamp down on non-runners and ensuring bookmakers are prepared to lay bets to reasonable sums.

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