Former Osasuna exec claims La Liga match-fixing scandal

Osasuna has been accused of making a series of payments to Getafe and Real Betis to fix match outcomes, according to Angel Vizcay, the club’s former secretary. 

The alleged transactions, heard in a provincial court in Pamplona on Tuesday, had reportedly taken place during the 2012-2013 and 2013-14 seasons, as the club sought to avoid relegation. 

Vizcay claimed that Getafe had been paid €400,000 in cash to lose to the La Liga side in 2013, while also paying €250,000 to Betis the following year for the same reason. The former secretary continued stating that Betis were paid a further €400,000 as a bonus incentive for beating Valladolid.

Other allegations Vizcay made during the trial included paying Valladolid €150,000 as a win bonus to defeat Deportivo La Coruña; giving Betis the same sum to beat Celta Vigo, as well as €250,000 to Espanyol following a draw against Osasuna.

It is not only the club that has come under scrutiny, as Vizcay has said that one of the payments to Betis was made directly to three players. Xavi Torres, Jordi Figueras and Antonio Amaya are all reported to have accepted payments from the club, with Vizcay identifying Figueras and Torres during the court proceedings. 

Amaya, who was present at the court case, is also on trial after he was identified as the recipient of the earlier payment. The players had allegedly collected the money in a garage in Seville.

Miguel Archanco, Osasuna’s former club president, has denied the allegations made by Vizcay, claiming that the club had never paid players nor had they fixed any games. However, he has admitted to the payment to Betis against Valladolid in 2014 as an extra incentive to the already relegated La Liga side. 

The case in question is only investigating the payments made to Betis, with court proceedings still ongoing.

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