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Everton Football Club’s CEO Denise Barrett-Baxendale has joined the C-19 Business Pledge, an organisation that encourages business owners to help staff, customers and its community through the COVID-19 crisis and into recovery.

The initiative was launched by former cabinet minister, Rt Hon Justine Greening to provide businesses with the opportunity to support its communities during the coronavirus spread.

Barrett-Baxendale stated: “Our country is facing a crisis unlike anything encountered since the Second World War. As a football club in the heart of our community, we are acutely aware of the important role we play. 

“Signing up to this pledge and committing to the measures and steps necessary to help our fans, our staff and our wider communities underlines how seriously we are taking the task ahead of us – and how determined we are to ensure we support the most vulnerable now and in the weeks and months to come.”

Everton are among one of the first businesses to join the scheme which aims to provide employees with practical support and advice on financial security. Moreover, the scheme will also help to maintain employee mental health and personal wellbeing, as well as reintegrate people back into work for those who have experienced an extended period away from the workplace.

Greening added: “With the future of many employers hanging in the balance and incredibly tough times unfolding in sectors across the UK, businesses face many difficult decisions. 

“But those companies who are able to, can have a huge role in battling the impact of coronavirus and make a real difference in these uniquely challenging times.”

The Pledge also means that the football club will publish clear and simple advice for fans, with specialist teams dedicated to supporting those facing problems through the use of Everton in the Community’s ‘Blue Family’ campaign.

Everton’s third commitment will be to ensure that they will do everything possible to help wider communities in the face of the epidemic.

The football club is among a variety of sporting organisations who are helping contribute to the global battle against COVID-19. Most recently, La Liga concluded a charity all-pro FIFA tournament featuring some of the competition’s players. Meanwhile, Leyton Orient has raised over £50,000 by hosting an expansive 126 team esports tournament.

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