Arsenal boosts fan engagement with Intel Sports extension

Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire/PA Images

Arsenal has announced a two year extension to its partnership with Intel Sports, allowing the football club to continue using its True View technology to boost fan engagement.

Intel Sports joined the Premier League club as an official partner in 2019 and has since worked with Arsenal to deliver highlights to its online platforms and social media accounts.

The company’s True View technology allows supporters to freeze match action and view 360-degree replays from a player’s perspective. As a result of its features Arsenal has seen a 90 per cent uplift in supporters revisiting the content when compared with other match highlights.

Arsenal commercial director, Peter Silverstone stated: “We know how much our supporters have enjoyed watching back our best moments using Intel True View technology over the past year, and we were delighted to be the first club to bring this technology to the Premier League.

“This transformative technology has redefined how we watch back the game that we all love, and we are excited to work with Intel on future innovations that will further enhance the experience for our global fanbase.”

“Arsenal has always understood the power and responsibility it holds in the community and it is a great strength of this partnership that we have been able to make an impact locally in recent months. We are extremely proud of this work, which will eliminate the digital divide for 250 local schoolchildren who would have otherwise been left isolated during this difficult time.”

The features are created through the use of dozens of 5K Ultra HD cameras located inside Emirates Stadium. Due to the global health pandemic resulting in behind-closed-door games this technology has become even more crucial in order to provide fans with the best experience with lockdown content whilst in the safety of their homes. 

James Carwana, GM of Intel Sports, added: “Intel’s technology partnership with Arsenal has delivered fans an unmatched ability to experience the game. 

“The club’s innovative approach to integrating True View immersive media experiences at Emirates Stadium has been a testament to its dedication to their fans. As we continue to develop our volumetric video technology, we look forward to how else Arsenal can grow and scale immersive experiences with Intel Sports.”

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