Behind The Badge: RCD Espanyol – new growth plans outside La Liga

Whilst RCD Espanyol continue to fight to earn promotion back to La Liga, its commercial team have been working equally hard to find new and innovative ways to grow the Barcelona club commercially. 

Sergi Martinez Gonzalez, Head of Sponsorship & International Development at Espanyol, was the latest guest on the Behind The Badge podcast to discuss in detail how the club has adapted to life in the Segunda Division

As tradition on the podcast, Martinez looked back on his start in the sports industry which was rooted in his initial love for sports as a child. His commitment to working in the industry led him to England to work on his English, before arriving back in Spain to gain a degree in sports management. 

All of this experience has ultimately led him to Espanyol, where he has worked for the club for the last five years. 

Martinez opened up on the challenges of gaining international partners whilst being in the Segunda Division, with 85% of Espanyol’s partners being national, but this has not deterred the club from extending its international reach. 

He spoke on the club’s internationalisation push in countries such as Mexico and Indonesia and how they differ from La Liga’s, as well as the special circumstances surrounding its partnership with Kelme.

And despite not being in La Liga, the lower tier league has almost been a blessing in disguise for the Barcelona-based club, with Martinez revealing that Espanyol has more season ticket sales than its cross-city rivals, FC Barcelona

The Espanyol chief also explained how its recent stadium sponsorship deal with Front Stage has afforded the club outside opportunities to host various events that add to the club’s value and brand. 

To hear the full episode of the latest Behind the Badge podcast on Spotify, listen here.

Alternatively, you can also listen to the episode on YouTube or watch here.

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