Three of the biggest tournaments in the sports scene are coming up this summer. These present some big marketing opportunities, but brands need to ensure they adhere to their core values.

In a recent discussion with CasinoBeats, ahead of his appearance at the CasinoBeats Summit in Malta next month, Calvin Samut, Head of Brand and Creative at Socios, offered his views on implementing marketing in an increasingly digitised environment.

Embracing innovation will be key to marketing campaigns in the highly digitised world companies find themselves operating in, he explained. Regarding sports, this can help in one very important way – facilitating better storytelling.

“Storytelling is among the most powerful marketing tactics, and AI has the potential to enhance this by involving consumers directly in the narratives,” Samut explained.

“For instance, the campaign “Greatest World Cup Ever” exemplifies this. This AI-driven campaign invited fans to appear in a personalised film alongside cricket stars.”

With the UEFA Euros, the CONMEBOL Copa America, Paris Olympic Games and the T20 Cricket World Cup coming up this year, firms have an ideal opportunity to incorporate sporting storytelling into their marketing.

Several companies have already moved quickly to secure some of the most lucrative and high-profile partnerships. Lidl and Bitburger have become local partners of the tournament, taking place in Germany between 14 June – 14 July.

Meanwhile, on a broader scale, Coca-Cola and Betano have become continent wide partners of the tournament. In the case of the latter brand, it has become the first ever betting partner of the tournament.

Taking advantage of the sporting narratives available is not the only thing companies should consider, however, according to Samut. Companies must pay close attention to ensuring their ‘core values’ when crafting marketing campaigns. 

This principle can be extended to sports partnerships, a field that Socios is hardly unfamiliar with. The company has engaged in a range of sports partnerships over the years, rolling out Fan Token products with the likes of FC Barcelona and the Argentine Football Association (AFA).

“These core values are vital for maintaining authenticity,” Samut explained. “By drawing from their heritage, foundational principles and unique selling points, brands can effectively steer their marketing strategies.”

Additionally, social media is an element firms can consider ahead of the tournaments. Speaking more generally, Samut observed that social media enables brands to showcase a ‘unique personality and tone of voice’.

Platforms such as TikTok and Instagram enable brands to engage in real-time conversations, share behind the schemes insights and authentically express values and beliefs to audiences. Social media partnerships have not been lost on tournaments themselves either – Paris 2024 has made TikTok an official partner for the games.

Samut continued: “The combination of social media and influencer marketing has become a catalyst for the growth of both established and smaller brands.

“Social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram, have not only given direct access to niche audiences but have also transformed consumers into active nano-influencers. 

“This shift has been instrumental in providing smaller brands with genuine connections and authentic interaction with their audience.”

Localisation and the use of Artificial intelligence (AI) to formulate and tailor marketing campaigns were also highlighted as key marketing considerations by Samut. However, these are not the only factors companies should have in mind – there are also regulatory requirements, as the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) noted recently.

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