Gillette has announced that Tom Daley has become its latest ambassador ahead of the upcoming Paris Olympics

Daley is set to make his fifth Olympic appearance in Paris in a few weeks time and as part of his latest agreement with Gillette, he will share his pre-dive grooming routine which enables him to compete at an elite level. 

The Olympic diver has made three podium finishes at the games in 2012, 2016 and won his first gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Games

Speaking on his recent deal with Gillette, Daley said: “To win an Olympic medal, you have to be at your best – physically and mentally, so knowing your body is prepared in every way for optimal performance is vital.

“Confidence and performance go hand in hand. How many times do we hear the phrase feel good, play good? I’m no different. Feeling smooth and knowing you’re ready to make that perfect rip entry helps to get you into the competition mindset, so partnering with Gillette Body & Intimate just made sense.”

The Gillette Body & Intimate range will be the brand most associated with Daley and looks to help UK men groom and feel better. 

Gillette research has found that overo one in two (63%) UK men have injured themselves while grooming, by using the wrong tools. For this reason, Gillette put its expertise in hair and skin to develop a range of features that are specifically designed to help groom the body and intimate areas more safely. 

Callum Wood, Gillette Brand Director for UK & Ireland, added: “We’re excited to have Tom join the Gillette family. More and more guys are grooming their body and intimate areas as part of their routines to help look and feel their best. 

“We know that one of the main reasons why guys body groom is for sport and performance – for when it really, really matters. This is true for guys in all sports at all levels, but the stakes are at their highest in Olympic level sport.”

“Tom Daley is known for his incredible performance on and off the diving board and is someone we’re proud to support for when it really, really matters. We look forward to the future of Gillette Body and Intimate, and wish Tom all the very best at the Olympic Games Paris 2024.” 

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