Borussia Dortmund enters blockchain sector on Fantastec SWAP app

Borussia Dortmund is the latest football club to enter the world of blockchain, joining the Fantastec SWAP digital collectibles platform.

The app allows fans to discover, collect and swap officially licensed club content such as player autographs and exclusive video from their favourite football teams. The genuine player profiles are timestamped and authenticated via blockchain technology.

Matthias Zerber, Borussia Dortmund, Managing Director of BVB Merchandising GmbH commented: “More than ever fans want more interaction and engagement with the teams and players they follow. Because we know football forms such a large part of their daily lives, we are continually looking for partners capable of delivering a certain more for our fans. Fantastec SWAP is a perfect solution not merely for our most loyal fans in Germany but for all football fans around the globe that love the game and enjoy technology bringing them closer to the team.”

Fantastec SWAP encourages fans to build their squad collections through in-app team packs, and by swapping with other fans all over the world. The blockchain-powered platform offers social network-like features, enabling fans to connect and swap their collectibles with the same confidence and trust they would have if they were interacting physically.

Steve Madincea, Fantastec’s Managing Partner added: “Given our fan first mentality at Fantastec we had to have this unique product available to one of Europe’s most passionate fan base. The exceptional nature of Fantastec SWAP is it allows football fans to SWAP with confidence and trust with any fan around the world.

“The innovative format provides exclusive player profiles containing a variety of special features including authenticated player signatures, one-off content and dynamic stats. We are certain the thousands already playing SWAP across 50+ countries will love having Borussia Dortmund on our platform.”

Available throughout the world via the App and Android stores, SWAP is the first product from technology-led fan-engagement company Fantastec Sports Technology Ltd. In February, Fantastec SWAP launched with Arsenal FC of the Premier League and plans to add more top football teams during the coming months.

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