Seeking to heighten its coverage of the jump racing season, (ATR) will allow fans to gain a greater understanding of racing form with the launch of a new sectional timing data service.

The service, which is produced by ATR sectional timing expert Simon Rowlands, sees colour-codes split times from eleven ARC racecourses to indicate fast, even and slow sectors relative to “par times”.

The timings provide There are also energy distribution charts, efficiency gradings and sectional speeds (mph) for every runner across the early, mid and late parts of each race.

Matthew Taylor, Director of New Media and Innovation for At The Races, commented: “It has been an ambition to extend our sectional timing service to jumps racing for some time and we are delighted to launch with all ARC jumps courses this season. We think visitors will use this new data in conjunction with our pace charts, archive video and form database to generate even greater insight into horse racing over jumps.”

Due to the additional length of jumps races versus flat, the service conveniently condenses data from the early part of each jumps race and delivers last mile data in more granular detail. New functionality in development will soon give users more control and the ability to select how they see information published.

Powered by Total Performance Data (TPD), the service already shows sectional and stride data from all ATR’s UK Flat racing fixtures. The Flat racing sectional data and colour code system is also widely used in Sky Sports Racing broadcasts.

Sectional timing expert and ATR writer Simon Rowlands added on what the element adds to the viewing experience on the platform: “As with Flat racing where the benefits of sectionals have been proved time and again, jump race results are often determined by the pace at which races have been run.

“Go too fast early and you will pay for it late; go too slow early and you may be left with too much ground to make up at the business end. The only truly accurate and consistent way to measure these things is through sectionals. These TPD figures make that possible to an extent that did not exist previously.”

Insider Insight: Since the formation of Sky Sports Racing, ATR has evolved the way the sport is consumed, utilising technological innovations to provide fans with a deeper insight into. The latest element to ATR’s coverage focuses on sports punters, an integral part of racing’s core audience. 

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