Sporting Narratives: One Day in July

Sporting Narratives is InsiderSport’s opportunity to explore a time in which a gripping sports story was portrayed through the unmistakable medium of cinema

This edition looks at Wimbledon’s one off produced video featurette titledOne Day in July | When the Wimbledon and Cricket World Cup Finals gripped the globe.  

The standalone title, which was put together by digital agency LiveWire Sport, tells the story of one of the greatest sporting days in recent history, 14 July, which saw both the Wimbledon 2019 Gentlemen’s Singles Final and Cricket World Cup Final produce heightened emotion and narrative.

Throughout the 12 minute production the viewer is transported back and forth between Wimbledon’s Centre Court and the Lord’s Cricket Ground, replicating the intensified drama that was produced as Novak Djokovic took on Roger Federer and England battled New Zealand simultaneously.

Varying transitions see the action continuously changed between the major events, with the highlights featurette package accompanied with dramatic music and the narration of both commentary teams from the respective contests narrating the gripping and exhilarating action.

A key theme of the production is that it takes you through the ebb and flow of both matches, as you witness eventual winner Djokovic and England come close to the brink of defeat before raising their respective levels to secure victory. 

As well as the victories and the natural flows of competitive sport, the video package highlights the history making instances within both contests as Wimbledon saw its final become the longest ever in Gentleman’s single final history and Lord’s played host to the first ever Cricket World Cup Super Over. 

Aside from the sporting greatness on show throughout, the video also incorporates regular action updates to provide added context. Moreover, social media comments from fans watching back at home are also edited in and included throughout the piece in order to further engage the viewer by providing public opinion which reaffirms the gripping nature of both contests. 

Ultimately this featurette is a must watch not only for tennis and cricket fans, but also for all sports fans as regardless for you feelings towards the specific sports, one cannot help but become enthralled action unfolding before your eyes. 

Hairs will stand up on the back of your neck. 

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