UEFA brings Euro 2020 to Epic Games’ Fortnite

UEFA has teamed up with American software developer and publisher Epic Games to launch a 2020 European Championships themed tournament within the Fortnite platform, spanning 16 and 17 June.

Over the course of the two days, eligible Fortnite players around the world will be able to compete across two rounds, where they will have the opportunity to earn valuable points along the way.

The top-performing players will also be able to earn prize money as well as in-game rewards.

“Huge audiences will be glued to UEFA Euro 2020 this summer and so it seemed like a natural fit to enable Fortnite’s millions of players to be part of the action too,” explained UEFA Marketing Director, Guy-Laurent Epstein.

“Video games are an important part of the younger generation’s choice of entertainment and collaborating with Fortnite ensures that we continue to engage these audiences with our competition brands.”

In addition, the collaboration between UEFA and Fortnite will include exclusive rewards as part of the Cup, with further announcements said to be made on Fortnite.com, including further details of how to participate in the Cup as well as more information regarding the prizes to be won.

“Football is consistently one of the top sports that our players tell us they want to see and experience in Fortnite,” noted Nate Nanzer, Head of Global Partnerships at Epic Games. 

“This year has already seen an incredible calendar of football events both in the game and around the world, and partnering with UEFA for the Fortnite UEFA Euro 2020 Cup is one more exciting way to celebrate football with millions of Fortnite players.”

Following in the footsteps of IMG, UEFA becomes the next football authority to test out the Fortnite platform, after the former agreed a deal with Epic Games in January to introduce 23 football clubs to the popular multiplayer game.

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