British Columbia Lottery Corporation partners with Genius Sports

Genius Sports has been designated as the official data provider of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) in a new multi-year agreement.

Included in the package is data from sporting competitions including Canadian Premier League, English Premier League and Euroleague Basketball, which is officially licenced to Genius Sports by each competition’s relevant governing bodies.

The firm has been appointed by BCLC to support its expansion into sportsbook operations as Canada begins to legalise single-event sports wagering. 

Under the terms of the multi-year package, the lottery will incorporate Genius Sports’ LiveData and LiveTrading products to help provide real-time data and accurate pricing techniques for sporting events around the globe. 

Genius Sports CEO, Mark Locke, commented: “BCLC’s partnership with Genius Sports demonstrates how the nascent Canadian sports betting industry already recognises the importance of official data in helping to protect consumers whilst delivering the most secure and compelling products for their customers.

“Products and services powered by the fastest, most accurate and reliable data will reinforce BCLC’s competitive advantage and help Canada fulfil the massive potential of its sports betting market.”

BCLC is seeking to expand into sports betting markets as Canada continues to legalise the trade. Currently, it operates as a provider and manager of gambling across British Columbia, Canada’s third-largest province, including casinos, lotteries and bingo.

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