Esports organisation Team Spirit has updated and renewed its partnership with Ukrainian sports betting operator Parimatch Tech, with content creation and sponsorship caveas.

The renewal, which covers the following 12 months, will see the Parimatch Tech logo featured on the front and sleeves of the organisation’s Dota 2 and CS;GO team shirts.

Describing Team Spirit as an ‘undisputed leader’ in global esports, Parimtch Tech will also collaborate with the team on a joint merch line as well as continue to work on content creation for esports fans, whilst also featuring a sponsorship caveat.

Nikita Chukalin, CEO of Team Spirit, remarked: “The victory at the most prestigious esports tournament in the world opens a new page in the organisation’s history for Team Spirit. Glad we are part of this story.

“We are glad to announce the continuation of cooperation with the Parimatch brand. We carefully select companies and brands for potential collaboration. Parimatch has established itself as a reliable betting brand that focuses on esports and its development over so many years on the market.”

Outside of esports, Parimatch has further expanded its presence in the traditional sporting sector, most recently striking an agreement with Ukrainian professional boxer and heavyweight champion Oleksandyr Usyk.

Meanwhile, the Kyiv-based firm has secured a number of football deals, notably maintaining partnerships with Chelsea and Juventus, as well as Aston Villa, Brighton and Hove Albion, Everton, Leicester City and Southampton.

Chukalin added: “Moreover, we are delighted that the Parimatch brand strives to enter into partnerships with the best in their sports. It is a pride for us to be on a par with such giants of world sports as Chelsea and Juventus. 

“We much appreciate our partner’s interest in the growth of our brand and a concern for the promotion of Team Spirit both in the regional and international arena. This is a rare quality on the market today. Thanks to the Parimatch brand for this approach.”

By renewing with Team Spirit, Parimatch has reiterated its commitment to the scene and highlighted the value of the esports betting market. Notably, the firm took four million bets on Team Spirit via its platform over the past year.

The partners have been collaborating since the summer of 2018, during which time Parimatch rebranded as Parimatch Tech and Team Spirit has won several tournaments, most recently The International 10.

“It is a genuine partnership,” said Stepan Shulga, Head of Esports at Parimatch Tech. “We started working even before the legendary roster appeared, even when Dota 2 as a whole was not a priority for “dragons.”

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