There is to be no advertisements from Gazprom during the next round of Champions League matches, as UEFA looks to end its partnership with the Russian state-run energy company.

As reported by the Evening Standard, the governing body of European football is set to terminate the £66m deal by 8 March, removing the firm from any advertising boards around the stadiums or television promotions across the competition.

The organisation has come under pressure from EU officials on the decision, which was discussed at an ‘emergency meeting’ of UEFA’s executive committee on Friday last week.

Around the same time, UEFA revealed that it is relocating its Champions League final from St Petersburg in Russia in regards to the situation in the country. Previously due to take place at Gazprom Arena on 28 May, reports have concluded that the competition will be hosted at the Stade de France in Paris.

Furthermore, it has been revealed Gazprom is to also be removed from German football’s FC Schalke’s shirts in regards to the ongoing Russian conflict, after having been a sponsor of the team for around 15 years.

The club released: “Following recent developments, FC Schalke 04 have decided to remove the logo of main sponsor Gazprom from the club’s shirts. It will be replaced by lettering reading ‘Schalke 04’ instead.

“The FC Schalke 04 managing board and supervisory board have come to an agreement to end the club’s partnership with Gazprom prematurely. The club are currently in discussions with representatives of the current sponsor and further information will be released at a later date.”

Premier League side Manchester United has also ended its sponsorship agreement with Russian Airlines, Aeroflot, as the crisis continues, stating: “In light of events in Ukraine, we have withdrawn Aeroflot’s sponsorship rights. We share the concerns of our fans around the world and extend our sympathies to those affected.”

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