The Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) is investigating two ‘suspicious’ second-tier matches which had a combined total of 187 goals.

The recent matches saw Kahula Rangers beat Lumbenbu United 95-0, whilst Koquima Lebanon received a 91-1 thrashing from Gulf FC.

SLFA President, Thomas Daddy Brima, told BBC Sport Africa: “We can’t stand by and see an embarrassing situation like this go unpunished.

“We’re going to launch an immediate investigation and bring to book all those responsible for this mediocrity. All those found guilty will be dealt with in accordance with the SLFA laws, and will also be handed over to the country’s anti-corruption commission.”

Furthermore, The Chief Executive of Kahunla stated that he ‘strongly condemned unsportsmanlike behaviour’, whilst Lumbebu’s General Manager claimed that he was unaware of any match manipulation.

The two games in question occurred at the same time and the referee of Gulf’s match refused to take part in the second half, and was subsequently replaced.

The highest ever score in football was reportedly in a match in Madagascar when AS Adema beat SO l’Emyrne 149-0 back in 2002. 

This was a protest from SO l’Emyrne players against officials as the team ‘intentionally lost the game’ with a wounding scoreline following a series of decisions that went against them during a competition.

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