World chess champion, Magnus Carlsen, has released a statement accusing fellow player, Hans Niemann, of cheating in a competition by the use of anal beads.

Carlsen previously refused to play against the 19-year old competitor who’d beaten him in an earlier tournament, and is now suggesting that the teen has broken the rules of the game ‘repeatedly’.

Regarding his withdrawal from the Sinquefield Cup, Carlsen said: “I know that my actions have frustrated many in the chess community. I’m frustrated. I want to play chess. I want to continue to play chess at the highest level in the best events.

“I believe that cheating in chess is a big deal and an existential threat to the game.”

The 31-year-old Norwegian player is convinced that Niemann’s cheating took place through the use of AI via the vibrations of anal beads – by getting an accomplice to buzz the device in order guide him into playing better moves.

He later added: “So far I have only been able to speak with my actions, and those actions have stated clearly that I am not willing to play chess with Niemann. I hope that the truth on this matter comes out, whatever it may be.”

Niemann however has denied all of the allegations, and has even offered to ‘strip naked’ to prove his innocence. No concrete evidence has been found to prove the claims.

However, Niemann recently admitted in an interview that he had previously broken the rules in using computer assistance for online games.

President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE), Arkady Dvorkovich, followed with a statement revealing that he did not agree with the Champion’s act of withdrawing.

Carlsen released a full statement on Twitter:

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