Insider Sport’s Matchday Programme offers a personal look at what sporting moments and figures have inspired industry stakeholders. Through candid reflections, the programme delves into the stories behind the inspirations that have shaped their perspectives and fuelled their passion for sports.

In this edition, Jai Maw, Co-Founder and President of Betting Hero, reflects on his admiration for Arsenal legend Ian Wright, both as an exceptional goal-scorer and as a genuinely kind person. Wright’s ability to excel on the field while maintaining widespread respect and admiration has left a lasting impression on Maw, showcasing how success can be achieved with humility and integrity.

Which athlete do you think demonstrated the best winning mentality throughout their career? 

Roger Federer. The majors, the longevity, the class.

Who was your childhood sports hero and why? Which of their sporting achievements had the biggest impact on you? 

When I was growing up, my idol was Thierry Henry. As a young Arsenal fan growing up in Manchester, he quite literally saved me from humiliation on multiple occasions with his dominant displays and record-breaking performances. 

In the 2003/04 season, he and his Arsenal teammates were the first team to go an entire Premier League season without losing a single game – a record that still stands to this day. The Invincibles.

What sports team do you follow the closest? Is this a family team or local side etc, and what has been the biggest moment in your history of supporting this club? 

Arsenal Football Club. The Invincibles. 

Is there a team manager from any sport, whether that be football, rugby, NFL, NBA etc, who you think demonstrated the best leadership qualities? 

Controversially, I think the greatest Manager to ever live was the one that caused me the most heartbreak, Sir Alex Ferguson. A relentless winner that stopped at nothing to achieve success. 

However, an honourable mention to the man that made me fall in love with football, and Arsenal in particular though, Arsene Wenger. 

What sports tournament do you think consistently provides the biggest thrills? 

Before moving to the US, I would have defended the Premier League with certainty. However, having experienced 13 March Madness tournaments since then, it is hard to argue against. 

The small window of competition and uncertainty of performance creates an incredible backdrop for truly unforgettable moments. If we can count the Premier League as a sports tournament, I would still lean that way due to the drama and jeopardy that builds throughout an entire season, but in a short-format true knockout tournament style, not much is better than March Madness.

Which moment from this league stood out to you the most in recent memory? 

English Premier League: Leicester City winning the league in 2015/2016 (38 games over 10 months) at 5000/1 odds. 

If you could travel back in time to any historic sporting moment to watch it then and now, which would it be and why? 

England vs Germany, World Cup Final, 1966. England didn’t win the World Cup before 1966 and haven’t won it since. 

If you could go out for dinner with any sporting figure, current or historical, who would it be and what would you want to learn from them?

Arsenal legend Ian Wright because he is universally loved for both being an unbelievably talented goal-scorer, but also for being an unbelievably nice and genuine person. 

Usually, to achieve greatness you do so at a cost and usually that cost is being disliked or worse by certain people. I would like to learn from Ian, how he became so successful, with so few adversaries.

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