Whilst speaking at the Regulators Roundtable during the 33rd Conference of the National Center of Problem Gambling, Ludovico Calvi, President of the Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS), requested that gambling operators and regulators took up GLMS’ code of conduct. 

During his Roundtable session, which tackled the subject of match fixing and integrity, Calvi set out the vision and mission of GLMS, and described the unique role of the Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sport Competitions, as it seeks to increase integrity within the world of sport. 

The Convention comes into effect on September 1st, and will build on the cornerstone of sports integrity. Calvi previously emphasised how important its implementation will be for sports integrity: “At a policy level, we are excited to learn that the Council of Europe Convention on Sport Corruption will be entering into force on September 1st and we look forward to effectively supporting the Council with the relevant upcoming work streams.” 

Mapping out the work GLMS has done, he added: “We have alerted 64 matches to our partners, while we have also developed 37 analysis-reports on request of our partners or members. At the same time, we constantly make our best efforts to enhance all our Monitoring and Integrity services, including our education and prevention programmes and we are always available to effectively support members and partners with the development of ad hoc education and prevention tools in compliance with national regulatory and public needs. 

“One of the highlights of the last months was also our key contribution to the FIFA Integrity TaskForce in view of the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019. We were honoured to be the only non-for profit Sport Integrity monitoring association to be part of the TaskForce and support its Monitoring and Integrity activities.”

The organisation, which was also part of an integrity task force set up for the FIFA Women’s World Cup is the state lotteries’ mutualised monitoring system on sports betting, and aims at detecting and analyzing suspicious betting activities that could question the integrity of a sport competition. They facilitate the sharing of sports betting information in ensuring sports integrity globally, and is dedicated to effective cooperation with all key stakeholders: regulators, law enforcement authorities and sports organisations. 

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