Paddy Power confirms ‘sash’ hoax unveiling sponsorless kit

Paddy Power has announced that the previously released ‘sash’ sponsored kit was just a prank, as the club re-release real versions of both the home and away kits to be worn by Huddersfield Town this season. 

The new kits, which have been positively received by the club’s relieved fanbase, does not feature the Paddy Power logo at all, as the operator utilised the sponsorship to launch the ‘Save our Kit’ campaign, which is aimed at reducing sponsorship on football shirts.

Victor Corcoran, Managing Director of Paddy Power, shed light on the campaign: “Shirt sponsorship in football has gone too far. We accept that there is a role for sponsors around football, but the shirt should be sacred. So today we are calling on other sponsors to join the Save Our Shirt campaign, and give something back to the fans.”

The intention of the hoax jersey was to shed light on issues surrounding shirt sponsorship – a topic which is believed to have garnered more support, considering the extent to which the ‘sash’ kit was covered. 

This season, more than half of all teams in England’s top two divisions are sponsored by a bookmaker. By relinquishing the space on the front of Huddersfield’s jersey, Paddy Power is hoping to encourage other title sponsors to do the same.  

Corcoran outlined its message to the fans and the footballing world, stating: “As a sponsor, we know our place, and it’s not on your shirt.”

As part of the campaign, Paddy Power is setting up a ‘shirt amnesty’ on August 5th, Huddersfield Town’s first game of the season, where the operator will give out 500 unbranded club jerseys, in exchange for older, branded versions.

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