Irish betting trends to be monitored under BHA and IHRB agreement

Strengthening their partnership, the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Body (IHRB) has signed a new agreement with the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) which will see the duo monitor betting trends across the Irish horseracing sector.

Under the terms of the four-year agreement, the IHRB and the BHA will cooperate on ‘different areas of intelligence’.

“We will be working together in different areas of intelligence. It’s just a stronger link between the two of us,” an IHRB spokesman said.

“We are outsourcing an element of our function. It’s the same as using a third party service provider to provide the laboratory, or to provide camera pictures. This will be a monitoring service,” IHRB’s chief executive Denis Egan said.

The tender, which is estimated to cost approximately €350,000, is set to replicate other sports data-sharing agreements around the world.

The agreement comes after Horse Racing Ireland’s 2020 budget saw the IHRB’s integrity service funding cut by €200,000 earlier this year. It has been reported, however, thatthe tender process between the IHRB and the BHA has predated the cuts.

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