Sportradar has served legal proceedings against Betgenius and Football DataCo (FDC) – the data rights holder for the Premier League, League One, League Two and the Ladbrokes Premiership – over the distribution of live data.

The proceeding is specifically in relation to the current structure for the licensing and distribution of live data from FDC football leagues for betting purposes. It cites back to the appointment of Betgenius – a subsidiary of Genius Sports – as the ‘exclusive live data supplier’ for the aforementioned leagues, announced in May 2019.

Sportradar argued that the deal between Betgenius and FDC breached UK and EU Competition Law as it allowed no suitable alternative data stream, thereby blocking off the competition and foreclosing the market to anything other than the single official supply.

As the season enters its final quarter, Sportradar is taking the legal action – a decision it stresses has not been taking lightly. 

The reasoning for the measures is because Sportradar believes that the firm has not been able to “find a fair solution that enables it to build its own database and to compete effectively in the market”.

The company statement continued: “Sportradar remains open to the possibility of finding a resolution. However, ultimately, Sportradar supports a competitive marketplace in which there is genuine choice between suppliers.

“This competition is vital for innovation, genuine product choice and fair pricing and we believe these elements are worth protecting. The step Sportradar has taken is focused on that outcome. 

“Sportradar is, and has always been, willing to pay for access, and to be part of an integrated, accredited, and fair system of collection and distribution which enables competition. Sportradar believes that the system put in place by Betgenius and FDC does not allow for this outcome; and that the current arrangements are in breach of UK and EU Competition Law. 

“This status is not only harmful to data supply companies like Sportradar, but also to the downstream market (bookmakers and their customers) where product choice is being restricted or removed in favour of an information monopoly. This is why Sportradar has now sought adjudication by an independent specialist tribunal in the hope that matters can be resolved fairly and equitably.”

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