Confirmation has been given by league officials stating that the German Bundesliga is set to return from its near two-month suspension on 9 May if it receives clearance by the German government. 

Having been suspended since March 13 due the outbreak of COVID-19 across Europe, the Bundesliga will become the first major European football league to resume play should the green light be given. 

Discussing the potential return of the competition, Bundesliga chief executive Christian Seifert stated: “[It] would be presumptuous and is not in our hands [to provide an exact date]. We can only offer the framework conditions.”

For the competition to resume play, the Bundesliga will require the approval of all federal states within Germany, with a document reportedly having been sent to the country’s leaders detailing a plan of action regarding its return. 

Bundesliga journalist Ronan Murphy laid out some of the intricacies featured in the Bundesliga’s action plan, in which he detailed a maximum of 322 people (players, staff, media, medical, etc.) would be granted access to any game. Temperature checks will be undertaken by every individual at the entrance to all stadiums, no shaking hands or team photos and all press conferences will be held virtually. 

The priority in German football has been, and remains, to see the ongoing 2019/20 season concluded following the completion of all games. 

Seifert concluded: “[Failing to finish the season means] the Bundesliga would be a collateral damage to the coronavirus crisis. I, as a representative of the professional clubs, cannot have that as my goal.”

The Bundesliga is collaborating with five different laboratories to ensure adequate testing for coronavirus.

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