The Bundesliga looks set to be the first major European football league to resume operations after the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkal, has given the league the green light to restart in the middle of May.

Matches in Germany’s top two divisions will take place later in the month. However, despite government restrictions loosening in the country, games will take place without spectators. 

Since the government has assured the league of its plans to resume the campaign, the German Football League (DFL) will be given the final say as to exactly when football in the country will commence. 

The DFL has already begun preparations for teams to begin training as a whole squad with a total of 1,724 corona tests carried out across 36 Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga clubs in order to ensure that player safety is prioritised. In total 10 results came back positive with those athletes being self isolated.

A second wave of tests are already underway and expected to be completed this week before a decision is made as to whether Bundesliga sides can train together ahead of its campaign resumption. 

As a result of the second wave of testing, 2. Bundesliga side Erzgebirge Aue has put its entire squad in self isolation after a member of staff tested positive for coronavirus.

The announcement will provide the Premier League with some welcome news as the organisation commences its ‘Project Restart’ initiative. However, each country has dealt with the impacts of Covid-19 differently with France and Netherlands, two countries bordering Germany, deciding to prematurely conclude or cancel its respective leagues due to the virus.

Insider Insight: German football’s resumption will undoubtedly be good news to countless fans who have missed the competition, providing it is safe to do so. The news will also be welcomed by all of the Bundesliga’s media partners and broadcasters, along with countless sports betting firms, as the german league will provide some much needed live sports to the companies portfolio.

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