Man City announces manager-style mobile game with Capstone

Credit: Michael Regan/NMC Pool/PA Wire/PA Images

Manchester City has announced a new regional partnership with Capstone Games which will see the mobile game developer create a ‘ City-themed manager-style mobile game’ featuring its players, kits and the Etihad Stadium.

The game, which will launch in 2020, will allow fans to test their managerial skills via the developers latest football release. Additionally, as part of the deal, Capstone Games will also become Man City’s official casual mobile game partner in Asia Pacific, North America and the United Kingdom.

“We are thrilled to be working with Capstone Games who have a number of exciting plans in the pipeline,” stated Omar Berrada, Chief Operating Officer for Manchester City.

“Manchester City has a strong digital-first strategy that applies to everything we do, so collaborating with an innovative partner like Capstone and engaging with their community of gamers is a great fit for us.”

This is not Capstone Games’ first foray into football having published its first official game, Champions Manager Mobasaka, in 2017 with the title garnering over two million downloads within a year. 

The agreement also highlights Man City’s commitment to its ‘virtual’ development having created various esports initiatives. Currently the club operates two professional esports players and esports teams in China and South Korea, who regularly represent Man City in key FIFA tournaments around the world. In order to enhance its worldwide fanbase.

Insider Insight: The unique partnership will undoubtedly increase Man City’s fan engagement opportunities, participial to younger generations, with the release of a new manager-style game. 

Additionally, the agreement highlights how much of an emphasis Man City are putting on ‘virtual’ opportunities that encompass esports and other potential digital activities.

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