Dallas Mavericks has partnered with Therabody for a multiyear agreement to make the wellness innovator its official recovery partner.

As the NBA team carries ‘good health equals more victories’, Therabody promises that its products will aid the Mavericks’ pursuit of peak player performance before, during and after games.

Mavericks, Head Athletic Trainer, Dionne Calhoun, commented: “They have a wide range of products that all center around recovery and preparation for activity.

“They have their recovery compression boots that provide sequential compression that we put on players after activity to kind of help flush their legs. They have proven that they are committed to athletic performance and recovery.”

Previously, the league has used other Therabody products in a bid for better health, such as the PowerDot electronic muscle-stimulation devices. Additionally, the compression boots- pneumatic sleeves that Dirk Nowitzki used in his career – have been popular accessories in the training room for the Mavericks.

“We used them then (for Nowitzki), before they were even an official sponsor,” Calhoun added. “We’ve enjoyed their products and used them for a number of years before this official partnership.

“I’d say the majority of our team at some point in their practice, game prep or working out in the summer on their own, will use some type of device that Therabody provides.”

The Mavericks claim that the team is ‘intrigued with the possibilities that come with enhanced education’ when it comes to physical preparation, therapy and recovery. 

Moreso, later this month players Jalen Brunson and Reggie Bullock will be featured as ‘faces of the Mavs’ in a monthly content series showcasing Therabody products.

Brunson noted: “The Theragun, I use for my body for my peak performance at the highest level. That’s why I dunked last night.

“They offer virtual, in-person and online learning as well. It’s really cool that they offer some type of learning style that will accommodate most folks, especially in this COVID era of not being able to attend in person. You can do it in a safe environment.”

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