FIBA 3-3, the emerging form of ‘urban basketball’ which made its first major appearance at this year’s Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, has signed an integrity partnership with Sportradar Integrity Services.

As a result of the initial one-year deal, which Sportradar has detailed is free-of-charge, global FIBA 3-3 matches will be monitored by SIS’ team of ‘qualified integrity experts’ to analyse irregular betting patterns, with any suspicious activity reported to world basketball governing authorities.

Leveraging its Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS), Sportradar will monitor the World Cup, Zone Cups, World Tour and the Women’s Series, among others, covering more than 2,800 games each season.

Making its debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, FIBA 3-3 is a form of ‘urban basketball which has featured at the Youth Olympic Games since 2010 and is ‘enjoying significant growth’.

Alex Sanchez, Managing Director of FIBA 3×3, said: “We are fully committed to putting in place the necessary measures to ensure the integrity of 3×3 basketball is protected. 

“Global bet monitoring is vital to upholding the integrity of sport and we are confident that the support of Sportradar Integrity Services will strengthen our integrity measures in 3×3 basketball.” Sportradar detailed that the deal represents a continuation of its commitment to assisting sports with protections against integrity threats, particularly with regards to betting, building on its portfolio of partners such as the International Tennis Association (ITA) and World Badminton.

Sportradar Integrity Services Managing Director, Andreas Krannich, added: “Sportradar Integrity Services has a long and proud history of monitoring global betting markets for signs of suspicious betting activity on behalf of our sporting partners. We’re excited to monitor FIBA 3×3 global basketball events, at a time when the discipline is set to reach an even bigger audience. “

“At Sportradar, we have witnessed integrity threats spread across sports and these challenges have only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our UFDS is best placed to help 3×3 basketball detect any betting market irregularities, as well as help understand any potential integrity threats to the sport, especially as interest is set to grow after its Olympics debut.”

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