Heavyweight boxer Dillian Whyte has been announced as the latest brand ambassador of crypto sports games platform Lucky Block, ahead of this weekend’s WBC heavyweight title fight. 

Lucky Block has been looking to bolster its presence in boxing, having partnered with six professionals including welterweight Florian Marku, whilst Whyte has detailed an ambition to better engage boxing fans with the crypto community and vice versa. 

Whyte, who challenges Tyson Fury for the WBC heavyweight title this Saturday at Wembley Stadium, stated that he was impressed with the company’s ‘new, transparent and fair approach’ towards its crypto giveaways and competitions. 

He explained: “It would be great to have a platform where everyone knows there’s a level playing field and that’s what Lucky Block say they are doing. Those are my kind of values – a fair fight with everything on the level. 

“I’m a winner and Lucky Block wants to be the sports games winners – that’s the kind of match-up that can count out any competition. Very pleased to have tied-up with a new coin that is set to be going places and wants everyone to be a winner with the great rewards for all they have going. 

“It opens up a chance for me to use my fighting talents to introduce boxing fans to crypto and the benefits it has to offer. Hopefully this tie up will also lead some of the crypto community to start paying attention to boxing too.”

To better engage with boxing fans, Lucky Block has launched its Fighting On The Inside, with Whyte scheduled to appear as a guest on the programme, with Marku also scheduled.

In a boost of its social responsibility initiatives, the crypto platform has also used the podcast to support the ‘Gloves Up, Knives Down’ campaign, an Nottingham-based initiative set up to encourage youth to participate in boxing and avoid knife crime. 

“We jumped at the chance of flying Dillian into the UK from his Portuguese training camp to make sure the biggest fight in boxing happened,” said Lucky Block CEO Scott Ryder.

“It was an opportunity to put the Lucky Block games platform on the map in a huge way as we ready for the launch of our prize draws and ramp up our NFT sales. Together, Lucky Block and Dillian Whyte can beat the odds and show the world that with hard work anyone can achieve their dreams.

“And like Dillian, Lucky Block isn’t all talk – we are the real deal that will beat the odds when we go toe-to-toe with games giant competitors. We think Dillian Whyte and Lucky Block are a perfect match – we are both underdogs with winning ways.” 

Insider Analysis – Engagement between blockchain and sports is a strong trend in today’s business world, with football so far being one of the biggest targets for the sector. However, Lucky Block’s partnership with Dillian Whyte as well as the UFC’s embrace of Fan Tokens shows that engagement between the two sectors has potential for continued and sustained expansion.

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