Wimbledon has ended its 86-year partnership with squash brand Robinsons, which was one of the longest-running collaborations in sport.

The company’s link with Wimbledon initially began in 1935, when a drink containing barley, lemon juice and sugar was used to hydrate the players, the same year when Fred Perry won the gentlemen’s singles.

A statement from the AELTC read: “We are tremendously proud of the historic association with Robinsons over so many years, and thank them for the wider role they have played in supporting Wimbledon and tennis across the UK.”

The news came after Robinsons posted on Twitter that it was no longer a partner of the championship.

There have been found reasons for the partnership coming to an end, however The Guardian reported that Britvic, owner of Robinsons, reportedly wanted to promote some of its other products at the tennis tournament.

“We can confirm that Robinsons and the AELTC will not be renewing their Wimbledon partnership this year,” a spokesperson for Brivtic outlined. “We are tremendously proud to have been such a prominent partner to this historic tournament for so many years and the wider role we have played in boosting engagement with the game of tennis in the UK.”

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