Writing for SBC, Fernando Martinez, Senior VP, Latam at Genius Sports, revealed the rise in engagement for sportsbooks in Argentina following the country’s triumphant World Cup. 

For sportsbooks around the world, evaluating what is considered to be “high value” content is a challenging exercise. At one level, a competition’s sport, tier and broadcast coverage are all vital components to defining its value with sportsbooks worldwide. 

But on closer inspection there are a variety of factors such as the sporting calendar, kick off times, time zones, and number of concurrent games throughout the week, that all play their part in profiling customer demand. 

In addition, there are geographical and cultural considerations to factor. What may be regarded as “must have” content in LatAm may well not be the case in North America. However, it is known that certain competitions have a more universal appeal for sportsbook customers such as the English Premier League, alongside other top tier football competitions such as the Argentinian Football Association (AFA). 

Building a premier partnership

In November 2020, Genius Sports was selected as AFA’s exclusive official data and integrity partner. This granted Genius the sole rights to capture, manage and commercialise live data from 3,300 AFA games for betting, while safeguarding the integrity of Argentine football with our 24/7 bet monitoring system and services. 

Fast forward to June 2021 and the partnership expanded to include AFA’s exclusive streaming content, connecting hundreds of sportsbooks globally with the lowest latency video streams available. Boosted by Argentina’s World Cup Win last December, demand for the Argentinian Primera Division has skyrocketed and in a way that starts to rival the English Premier League for average bookings and utilisation rates. 

The Primera Division is one of the most popular pieces of content in our exclusive official LatAm sports rights portfolio, which also includes Liga MX and Dimayor Colombia’s Categoria Primera A. These competitions also score highly for booking and utilisation rates, creating a suite of premium LatAm football content that runs year-round for our sportsbook partners around the world. 

Crucially, each of these partnerships deliver huge value to the leagues and federations as well. 

“As our exclusive official data, streaming distribution and integrity partner, Genius Sports plays a crucial role in connecting Argentine football with new audiences worldwide while safeguarding the transparency of our competitions,” said Leandro Petersen, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer of AFA. 

“Argentine football is fast, exciting and passionately followed at every level, making it must have content for sportsbooks around the world which generates new revenues for us to invest back into our competitions.”

Transformative Latam content 

LatAm and Brazil markets have become huge growth drivers for Genius Sports. Our live data collection and distribution systems, integrity services and fan engagement solutions, are used by dozens of leading football, basketball and volleyball leagues across the region. These digital transformation tools are a key differentiator in signing exclusive data and streaming deals for betting with these leagues, providing our sportsbook partners with round-the-clock, exceptional content. 

Now, we’re primed to take this offering to the next level and leapfrog the competition with our Second Spectrum data tracking and broadcast augmentation solutions. 

This next generation of automated AI-driven products are already used by the English Premier League, NFL, NBA and broadcasters across the world, ranging from SKY, ESPN, CBS, NBC and Amazon Prime. 

Our technology captures the highest quality tracking data which powers new tools and insights for teams, coaches and fans. Meanwhile, our augmentation solutions enable sports and their partners to add new data-driven features and visualisations to power immersive broadcasts, engaging the next generation of fans. 

The rollout of our Second Spectrum tools will also provide massive benefits to our sportsbook partners. Our broadcast augmentation solutions have enormous potential to create a compelling second screen betting experience that will drive in-game turnover and engagement for our partners. Further innovations could include new tracking-powered markets, as well as personalised adverts to replace dead screen periods during a live betting stream. 

For Genius Sports and our partners, the potential for growth in Latin America and Brazil is huge. Building upon trusted, exclusive partnerships like our agreement with AFA will be crucial to our continued expansion and connecting sportsbooks with content that drives year-round turnover and value.

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