UFC has strengthened its approach to integrity through a new collaboration with ProhiBet, the solution that monitors prohibited bettor activity.

ProhiBet provides an advanced notification platform, which is designed to safeguard sports integrity and ensure adherence to state-specific regulations. 

The collaboration has been cited as being pivotal in monitoring specific individuals such as UFC athletes, coaches, employees, and officials who are prohibited from placing bets on UFC events.

Riché T. McKnight, Executive Vice President & General Counsel of UFC, commented on the deal: “One of the foundations of UFC’s success is our dedication to embracing regulation and compliance to promote safety and fairness in our sport.  

“Our collaboration with ProhiBet is another step towards strengthening our integrity controls by helping us to enforce our anti-gambling policy and support the integrity of our sport.”

It comes after the UFC was embroiled in controversy earlier in the year, which led to an FBI investigation and severe warnings from UFC Chief Dana White over those involved in an organisation breaching betting rules.  

Matt Heap, Managing Director of ProhiBet, added: “We are thrilled to partner with UFC — the combination of ProhiBet’s state-of-the-art encrypted data transfer system and UFC’s dedication to upholding the integrity of sports will undoubtedly enhance the transparency and trustworthiness of sports betting activities.”

ProhiBet is a joint venture between U.S. Integrity and Odds On Compliance. UFC’s use of ProhiBet is a further expansion of its relationship with U.S. Integrity to strengthen its betting compliance policies. 

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