CAA opens new sports investment bank 


The Creative Artists Agency (CAA) has announced the launch of a new investment bank that will focus on unlocking new commercial opportunities in global sports.

A new investment venture launched by the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) will focus on fresh capital input into the global sports industry.

Called CAA Evolution, the venture will combine CAA’s merchant bank Evolution Media Capital (EMC) and the agency’s advisory firm M. Klein & Company (MKC), forminga new entity that will deal with initial public offerings (IPOs), fund and capital formation services, as well as access to institutional capital sources.

When it comes to experience, EMC has previously worked with numerous major sports leagues, teams and organisations to advise them on merger and acquisition deals.

MKC and its founder Michael Klein have also helped companies and senior executives to broker various deals across the globe. 

Klein added: “Bob, Alan and the EMC team have done an extraordinary job capitalising on CAA’s uniquely vast set of relationships, resources, and industry intelligence in the sports and entertainment fields to become a premier strategic and financial services provider in these important industries.

“We look forward to bringing together the best of MKC and EMC to give CAA Evolution clients an offering like no other in the market.”

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