U.S Integrity to monitor suspicious gambling activity on LIV Golf bets

credit: Shutterstock
credit: Shutterstock

LIV Golf has formed a partnership with sports gambling monitoring service U.S Integrity to stamp out illegal betting activity on golf tournaments and matches. 

U.S Integrity will provide LIV Golf with access to its ProhiBet service, enabling the Saudi-backed golf league to detect any prohibited gambling behaviour and activity. 

LIV Golf Chief Operating Officer, Lawrence Burian said: “This partnership with U.S Integrity is critical as we enhance our presence in the sports gaming space. 

“Establishing the highest standards in all aspects of our competition processes and operations is of primary importance to LIV Golf. Similar to many top sports leagues, working with industry-leading partners like U.S Integrity demonstrates our commitment to ensuring gaming integrity within our sport.”

By adding LIV Golf to its plethora of sports league partners, such as the MLB and the UFC, U.S Integrity conducts analysis through various technologies across a range of data sets to identify irregularities within sports betting and gaming. 

The service is able to pick up suspicious activity within officiating decisions and wagering trends, filing them into detailed reports which are accessible via its online dashboard to provide real-time access for its sports league and regulator partners. 

ProhiBet will play a “pivotal role” for LIV Golf in being able to detect and eliminate any illegal activity on bets placed on its tournament matches. Its technology provides a transparent method for sportsbook operators to ensure individuals within sport remain compliant. 

“We are excited to collaborate with LIV Golf. Combining ProhiBet’s cutting-edge encrypted data transfer system with LIV Golf’s commitment to preserving sports integrity will enhance the transparency and reliability of their sports betting operations,” added U.S Integrity Founder and CEO Matt Holt.

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