AC Milan has announced a joint partnership with ComAve and Tamias to develop an innovative shopping experience for Rossoneri fans. 

The agreement with both brands, both new Global Partners of AC Milan, sees ComAve, a global e-commerce platform, become the Shopping Experience Platform Partner, and Tamias, a software platform for point-of-sale, appointed as the Point of Sales Solution Partner.

Maikel Oettle, Chief Commercial Officer of the Rossoneri, stated: “We are excited to announce the signing of a new partnership with ComAve and Tamias. 

“This partnership represents an innovative step in the digital world for our Club, giving us the opportunity to create an additional touchpoint with our fans and offering them another way to feel involved with AC Milan in their daily lives, accessing products and services dedicated to them. 

“We are confident that this collaboration will contribute to further enhancing and improving the passion our fans have for the Rossoneri colours.”

ComAve will make its debut in Italy later this year and, as part of the partnership with AC Milan, will work in the early months of 2024 to create an ecosystem of shops and restaurants with the aim of offering exclusive services to Rossoneri fans worldwide. 

Ivan Blum, Chief Executive Officer of ComAve, said: “It is with immense pride that we partner with AC Milan. At ComAve, we are not simply forging a collaboration; we are truly immersing ourselves within the world of football. 

“I am genuinely eager to connect with the passionate Rossoneri supporters, understand their aspirations, and craft unparalleled offers that will heighten their experience. Together, we are about to embark on a remarkable journey, combining the thrill of the game with unrivalled fan engagement.”

Adam Haines, Chief Executive Officer of Tamias, added: “Fuelled by the groundbreaking momentum of our partnership with AC Milan, we are excited to embark on a journey of strategic collaboration with the dynamic leaders within AC Milan’s business sphere, particularly those operating in the vigorous sectors of restaurant and retail. 

“At Tamias, our mission is community-driven, leveraging avant-garde technology and a fully-engaged audience to propel us forward. Together, we stand prepared to elevate fan engagement to unparalleled heights.”

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