Esben Skou Vinther, VP of Europe Better Collective, talks about the importance of the upcoming EURO 2024 tournament and how operators can maximise its potential for higher profits and true fan engagement. 

Insider Sport: The Euros are getting closer – what’s forefront in your mind right now in terms of preparations for the tournament? Is everything in place to ensure your partners can make the most of the opportunities it will bring?

Esben Skou Vinther: EURO 2024 is an important tournament for us, and our primary focus is ensuring our operations and partnerships are seamlessly aligned to capitalise on this opportunity. We’ve been rigorously preparing our platforms, content, and marketing strategies to provide maximum visibility and engagement for our partners. 

Now, it is all about execution and delivering great performance, as we look forward to leveraging the heightened excitement to support our partners reaching their audience effectively. 

As a soccer fan myself, personally I very much look forward to the fantastic atmosphere and buzz a tournament such as EURO 2024 brings!

IS: Can you tell us more about the process of preparing and activating partnerships across your brand portfolio?

ESV: Our approach to preparing and activating partnerships involves close, collaborative planning with each partner. 

With our O&O brand portfolio that covers all parts of the funnel, we start by understanding their unique goals and then develop tailored strategies that include specialised content creation, targeted marketing campaigns, and extensive data analytics. 

This ensures we can deliver personalised and impactful activation that resonates with our audiences across our sports media brands in Europe including Betarades, Tipsbladet, SvenskaFans,, Wettbasis and Soccernews.

IS: What are the main challenges to achieving this smoothly and how do you negate them?

ESV: Coordinating across multiple markets and partners is the main challenge, but since we have been in this game for more than 20 years, we have confidence in our processes. 

With our established setup we are geared to deliver strong performing media products for larger events. This starts many months before the actual tournaments to secure strong alignment across the markets. Especially, our content, product and commercial teams work closely together on developing and delivering value to our advertising partners.

IS: What qualities should operators be looking for when sourcing a partner like Better Collective and what does your company do differently when it comes to big competitions like the EUROs?

ESV: Operators should look for partners who provide strategic expertise, transparent communication, a strong focus on compliance, and produce engaging content. 

Better Collective stands out by offering a data-driven approach, an extensive network of high-quality content platforms, and a proven track record of successful partnerships. 

For big competitions like EURO 2024, we excel by offering bespoke solutions and an engaging user experience tailored to the sports fans across our brands.

IS: And finally, what advice would you give to your partners to ensure that their customers can have a genuinely engaging experience as the tournament unfolds?

ESV: To ensure a genuinely engaging customer experience, partners should focus on delivering relevant, timely content that enhances the excitement of the tournament. Offering fun and engaging content with relevant and personalised tips and offers can significantly boost user engagement. 

Additionally, promoting safer gambling practices will build trust and ensure a sustainable customer relationship throughout and beyond the EUROs.

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