The French Tennis Federation has collaborated with Orange for the first live broadcast of matches in 8K thanks to 5G.

Utilising Orange’s 5G technology, this year marked the debut of  8K TV images of the matches on the Philippe-Chatrier court.

The partnership aims to increase engagement at the tournament, with a mixed reality experience to get give a deeper insight into the sporting action, access to all the useful information about the Grand Slam competition thanks to artificial intelligence.

This technology is possible thanks to the involvement of the France Télévisions Innovation and Prospective teams, the Orange group’s Innovation teams and the FFT’s teams.

With 5G, mobile TV will enjoy very high-resolution images, which will also be demonstrated on the very first 5G smartphones by Oppo, the premium partner of Roland-Garros. Further seeking to elevate user the user experience, a panoramic display wall will demonstrate a unique and innovative method to make the most of the very high definition images that the networks of the future will be able to carry.

5G will offer speeds up to five times faster than 4G for ever more immersive experiences. It will also make it possible to offer high-speed broadband in countries where there is little fibre infrastructure. Lastly, the 5G networks will transform companies’ business models, propelling them into the age of real-time, thanks to excellent speeds, latency and reliability, and its ability to adapt to each person’s requirements.

Orange also revealed that with the French Tennis Federation, it’s offering the chance to experience mixed reality, equipped with Magic Leap One headsets, visitors will be able to watch a tennis match broadcast in mixed reality.

Mixed reality adds, on top of augmented reality, animated projected images, perfectly synchronised with reality, to create a new world combining reality and virtual reality. In this new world, the user can interact or take control of all the virtual aspects.


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