STATS has united with Perform to complete regulatory and closing requirements for the official formation of Stats Perform

The collaboration seeks to harness some of the most advanced sports artificial intelligence (AI) research and development, to provide deeper, faster, more robust data and insights essential to a growing portfolio of global partners.

Stats Perform Chief Executive Officer, Carl Mergele commented: “Stats Perform is set to engage billions of sports fans this year and I expect that to grow as we bring new innovative technologies to market, expanding our global presence.

“To truly revolutionise sport, we have harnessed the power of immense amounts of sports data with unparalleled AI technology. This unprecedented sports data and technology creates boundless possibilities for our global partners in fan engagement, betting and team performance.”

Building on more than 20 AI patents, that have been issued or submitted by Stats Perform, the newly formed collaboration aims to enhance the offering of sports media and broadcasters, technology companies, global brands, sportsbooks, teams, leagues and fantasy providers. 

Mergele added: “Through AI we are able to discover hidden patterns in sports. This allows us to better understand the complexities of a game and project those patterns forward to predict future outcomes. The combination of Stats Perform will give us greater ability to extract new insights and context.”

Stats Perform’s extensive list of customers includes four of the top-five most popular global sports broadcast companies, seven of the top-10 global tech companies, all of the top-10 sportsbooks and seven of the top-10 football franchises. 

The company collects more than 30 million unique data points and distributes them to more than 1,800 customers, reaching over three billion fans a year. Stats Perform employs more than 1,600 full-time employees across 25 countries and is home to the largest sport-focused AI team with more than 40 artificial intelligence scientists collaborating with over 100 engineers creating AI solutions.

These innovations will be the foundation of the future strategy of the new entity allowing rights-holders, leagues, media, and gaming partners to derive the most value and develop the richest experiences for fans.  

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