Credit: Spp Ricardo Moreira/Zuma Press/PA Images

The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) has assured its competitions, clubs and partners that football campaigns will be finalised on the pitch, according to the federation’s president Alejandro Domínguez.

CONMEBOL held a video conference yesterday with medical team representatives from its Member Associations to analyse different protocols that can be implemented to restart football activity in the coming months. In the meeting Domínguez emphasised that “football will return to South America and CONMEBOL tournaments will be played, since matches should be concluded on the field.”

Moreover, the president stressed the importance of a coordinated, responsible and homogeneous response so that sport can return with the necessary guarantees for all parties involved.

In recent weeks various competitions have instigated measures to conclude its footballing campaigns. Whilst the Bundesliga, Premier League and Serie A has worked towards resuming its operations, some tournaments, such as Ligue 1, prematurely concluded its seasons having opted to calculate final league standings.

The meeting was led by the president of CONMEBOL’s Medical Commission, Osvaldo Pangrazio, who introduced different topics in regards to the current situation of each association. In addition, they also discussed measures to prevent potential injuries due to the lack of activity.

A spokesperson from the confederation stated: “CONMEBOL continues to work on protocols and prevention measures through an open process of collaboration with the different agents of South American football.”

In the last couple of months CONMEBOL granted an estimated $15m to its members to inject liquidity into their finances in an attempt to mitigate the monetary impact of the coronavirus pandemic .

Additionally, CONMEBOL had previously urged FIFA to come up with solutions during the crisis, as it considered that the fight ‘against an unpredictable force’ requires them to find ‘extraordinary and efficient solutions’ in order to aid Member Associations during the pandemic.

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