Rangers maximises financial benefits in fan share launch

Rangers FC has launched a ‘unique’ fan share offering which aims to raise £6.75million and ‘future-proof’ the Scottish Premiership club.

Marking the Glasgow club’s fast-approaching 150th anniversary, the shares will be issued by Rangers International Football Club plc and provide subscribers with the same rights as the current owners, including voting rights on a one-vote-per-share basis and the right to attend the AGM.

The club has set the minimum amount an applicant can invest at £500 and a maximum of £100,000, with fans provided with a deadline of 11 June to pre-register their interest.

“Funds raised will be applied to projects designed to accelerate the financial sustainability of Rangers Football Club, including investing in the new Edmiston House multi-purpose venue, developments at Ibrox Stadium, the acceleration of Rangers’ digital transformation strategy and the club’s international expansion,” explained Managing Director, Stewart Robertson.

“As a club, we will continue to drive our brand in the European and international arenas. We are indebted to our fan base both domestically and across the globe and know they are the foundation of all our future developments.”

The club, which claimed its 55th title without losing a single game in 2020/21, confirmed that shares will be made through investment platform Tifosy.

Sporting Director, Ross Wilson, added: “It’s a wonderful opportunity to be involved in a football club that is heading in a positive direction and has a solid plan with a lot of fantastic people behind it. As we move forward, we see huge opportunities on the European stage, we see huge opportunities and domestically, and the opportunity for people to be part of that should be an exciting one.”

“Rangers has been here for 150 years and it’s vital that we future-proof the next 150 years,” noted Chairman, Douglas Park. “The club has to be put in the best possible position and, by widening the ownership to a broader base of like minded supporters and shareholders, we feel it helps put the club on an even stronger footing going forward.”

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