Arsenal FC owner Stan Kroenke has now agreed to pay £592 million to avoid a trial following Los Angeles Rams’ move from St Louis to LA.

The lawsuit was filed in 2017 against the National Football League (NFL) and suggested that the move countered its relocation policy, claiming that the side did not work hard enough to stay in the Missouri city.

Both the Mayor and the County’s Executive jointly stated that the news ‘closes a long chapter’ for the city, securing increased  income for the community while avoiding the uncertainties of a trial.

Earlier this month, the organisation failed to secure a trial elsewhere rather than at the team’s former home, and it has been reported that the defendants are Rams owner Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, along with the remaining 31 teams and their owners.

In terms of damages, it has been mentioned that St Louis sought around £3 billion in claiming that they suffered financial damage – leaving behind debt on the publicly-funded stadium after the move was regarded as ‘not in good faith’.

However, Kroenke has claimed that he does not agree that such legal costs cover the damages. Earlier this year, the 74-year-old was scrutinised for his support of a European Super League (ESL), which one of his other major sporting subsidiaries, English Premier League club Arsenal FC, was set to become a founding member of.

Furthemore, the US case has also suggested that after the relocation, the county lost hotel, property and sales tax revenues, and by looking at data from the Department of Economic Development, this totalled around $15 million.

Brian McCarthy, NFL Spokesman, added: “The NFL and the city of St. Louis, St. Louis County and the St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority have been able to fully resolve the dispute.

“We appreciate the effort by all parties to reach a settlement and thank Judge Jack Garvey for his service as mediator.”

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