Bodybuilding championship, Mr Olympia Brasil, has announced a collaboration with UpSports.Bet.

Heralded as an ‘unprecedented action in the global betting industry’, the deal is the first time that a betting company has decided to partner with a tournament of such.

Felipe Dias, CEO of UpSports.Bet, said: “We came in supporting this idea, taking bodybuilding into the world of betting. The biggest sports are in the betting world and why not bodybuilding? 

“We have boxing, football, basketball among many others, and we at UpSports.Bet believe that bodybuilding deserves to be in the same place. We hope that this event can be a milestone in the history of bodybuilding and we are happy to be a part of it.”

Scheduled for 23-25 September in São Paulo, reports have stated that competitors such as Renato Cariani, Júlio Balestrin and Felipe Franco, have expressed willingness to place a bet on a competition in which the three would face each other.

Brazilian information page, MKT Esportivo, revealed that the agreement was signed between UpSports.Bet, LiveSports and businessman Caique Parça.

Furthermore, bodybuilding now appears as the main bet on the operator’s page, as the firm aims to expand the bases of followers.

“LiveSports is always looking for something new. As an integrator, it was very gratifying to participate in this unprecedented union of bodybuilding,” added Luciano Silva, Production Director at LiveSports.

With 15 athletes in the tournament, cash prizes for the first three range between R$10,000 (US$ 1,950) and R$3,000 (US$ 585); as the winner goes on to represent Brazil in the Bodybuilding World Cup, the Olympia, in Las Vegas.

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