The Badminton World Federation (BWF) Integrity Unit has announced a data sharing partnership with the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

The agreement has been recognised as a key component of monitoring of suspicious betting activity and demonstrates the BWF Integrity Unit’s commitment to a ‘clean and fair sport’.

BWF Secretary General, Thomas Lund, commented: “This partnership helps the BWF Integrity Unit protect the integrity of the sport with MGA helping to facilitate the sharing of data between betting operators and the BWF Integrity Unit.

“We see this as being a deterrent to potential corruptors of the sport as we continue to preserve the integrity of badminton.”

Monitoring and investigations have been noted as a ‘vital scope’ of BWF’s anti-match manipulation operations.

The unit manages the anti-doping and anti-match fixing programmes, as well as planning and implementing awareness, information, education, and deterrence initiatives within the badminton community.

Player information is gathered, matches and competition details are analysed and intelligence is used in investigations into any circumstance of possible match manipulation.

“I am very pleased to see the Badminton World Federation added to the long list of Sports’ Governing Bodies whom the Authority already assists on a practical level, and we look forward to working with the BWF’s Integrity Unit on any issues that may arise,” added MGA Head of Financial Crime Compliance, Antonio Zerafa.

Last month, Stats Perform partnered with the BWF to provide the sport with its integrity services to enhance protection.

The deal also now boosts the BWF Integrity Unit’s capabilities to investigate suspicious betting activity on badminton matches and is part of continuing deterrent initiatives against potential corruptors.

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