Kickboxing promotion, GLORY, has joined forces with Wurl, as the organisation elevates the usage of data. 

In collaboration with the data-driven solutions for CTV distribution and marketing, the group will distribute its FAST channel to new streaming services. 

Together, GLORY and Wurl have created the GLORY Kickboxing FAST channel, featuring one of the best kickboxing libraries in the world. 

GLORY EVP, Jon Martone, commented on the partnership: GLORY owns one of the most valuable and consumed content libraries in sports today. We have seen tremendous growth with our content on social media, ranking in the top 6 for most-viewed sports leagues on Facebook in both 2021 and 2022. 

“With such a high demand for our content, partnering with Wurl was a logical next step to bring our content to new audiences and continue to grow the sport of kickboxing. We’ve seen tremendous growth with our Pluto TV FAST  channel over the last 7 years, and we’re excited to partner with Wurl to bring a new channel to even more world-class partners.” 

The GLORY Kickboxing FAST channel, powered by Wurl, has already launched on several channels, including Plex. GLORY plans to launch on additional platforms in the coming weeks, making the content readily available to over 300 million users worldwide. 

Additionally, commencing from GLORY 85 on April 29, users will also be able to watch the live broadcast of the prelims for each GLORY event bringing the action closer to home.

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