FIFA pressed by five EU nations on missing Women’s World Cup media rights

Five European countries have come together to protest against the fact that they have apparently been left out of media broadcasting rights discussions for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.

The Sports Ministers of Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom – which all have a team that has qualified to play in this year’s competition – published a co-signed letter expressing their ‘concern’ over the lack of understanding as to why no TV rights have yet been attributed to them.

While maintaining a firm stance that they are “aware of the legitimate interest and budgetary constraints pressuring both assignees and independent broadcasters”, the ministerial heads also highlighted that media coverage for the Women’s World Cup will have a “highly significant impact” on the visibility of women in sports around the world. 

Published on the UK government website, the joint statement further reads: “Because of the high potential of the FIFA Women’s World Cup and the sport and social issues at stake, we consider it our responsibility to fully mobilise all stakeholders, for them to quickly reach an agreement. 

“These are decisions for FIFA and broadcasters to take independently, but we know that discussions are in progress and we are confident in FIFA and independent broadcasters’ capability to find a common path toward fair development of the FIFA Women’s World Cup.”

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