PGA temporarily suspends India and Staiano over wagering breaches 

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Two players from the Korn Ferry Tour – part of the PGA – have been suspended for three months after the tour determined they had violated the wagering policy.

PGA’s Korn Ferry Tour has suspended two players over allegations that they’ve broken the organisation’s policies on wagering. 

The suspensions were handed out to golfers Vince India and Jake Staiano, as per the PGA Tour Commissioner’s Office, with India looking at a minimum six-month absence with a potential return in March, while Staiano’s earlier comeback will happen in January. 

Because of this, Staiano is not scheduled to miss any events due to the Korn Ferry Tour’s new season scheduled to commence in january. 

While the PGA did not release any additional details on the players’ wrongdoings besides having participated in golf wagering, Staiano himself went on the Any Given Monday podcast to share his stance.

On the show, he claimed that he had placed four wagers that combined have totalled $116 – one on Bryson DeChambeau to birdie in a 2021 PGA Tour event, while the other three being on an exhibition game between DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka

Staiano further explained that he has undergone extensive education sessions on wagering policies, as well as that he decided against appealing the suspension after realising that he has to bear all legal fees in the case of a potential loss. 

“I’ve accepted my punishment. It is what it is. Fair or not, people can argue that, but one of my biggest things is I want to make sure other guys understand exactly what happened so that they don’t make the same mistake. Because it could be career-altering,” Staiano added on the podcast.

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